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Gas Stations

B Esso Brand Volume 4 Mln. Store sale $1.2 Million. Full Details to be posted soon. Busy Convenience store, Coffee & Pizza Contacto for more Details. 2 Hours EN of GTA
Excellent Business For First Time Buyers. High Gas Volume 2.5 Mln/Littre Store Sale 800k+. Full Serve Operation. Fibre Glass Double Wall Tanks [2005].For More Information Please call [eclusive] Listing Agent Nav Sidhu. Information Available For Srious Buyer.  Listing Date 29th,2019 Loc...
Esso Branded Gas Station with Double Walled Fibre Glass Tanks and lines (2018). Fuel Volume 2.4 Million Litres Year. Esso Contract Till 2029. Recently paved.  Beautiful 4 Bedroom House With 3 Bathrooms. Outdoor above Ground Pool. Lot More Potential For Extention of Store and Operationg Hou...
Econo Brand Gas Station with Single Wall Fibre Glass Tanks. Use to Be Ultramar Brand, Building has Been Demolished. 0.58 Acre Lot.  As is Conditions. AS per Seller No known Environment Issues. Excellent Location Gas Station, Car Wash Or Retail. Exclusive Listing, Not Listed on MLS.
Non Branded Gas Station For Sale with property, Good Size Convenience Store with apartment. Excellent Location  for 1st time buyers. Gas Volume about 1 Mln and Store sale sale 600-700  daily. Rental income $1000 or for Owner 2UST Steel Tanks 25 Y and 2  UST Steel Tanks 27 Years. ...
Non Branded Gas Station Approved For Good Brand. Liquor Store and Beer Store, Store Sale $888K, Propane  Storage Tank On Back Of The Property.  Storage Area For Liquor And Beer. Liquor  Sales $1.2Million. Fiberglass Tank And 1 Above Ground Diesel Tank With All New Fuel Lines. Tot...
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