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What Makes A Great Leasing Opportunity?

What Makes A Great Leasing Opportunity?

A financial lease, or capital lease, is basically a commercial arrangement between two parties or more. Most people may not realise that anything from production and manufacturing equipment to machinery can be leased. Property, however, remains the most common asset associated with leasing so that’s what we’ll talk about as well. 

The answer to what makes a good leasing opportunity may vary depending on the person you ask this question from.  People may also give different answers to the question depending on the situation for which they went through the leasing process. 

Below, we have compiled some things which make a commercial leasing opportunity great.

Return on Investment

The primary purpose behind every lease drops down to this: good return on investment. Return on investment (ROI) is the apparent benefit you receive from making the transaction or investment. For instance, if you buy a new asset such as machinery and there is remarkable profit generated, you can say that buying this machine gave you good return on investment.

The case with land or property is more or less the same. If a property is leased for your business and you generate substantial profits, this makes the lease good for you. 

Appropriate space and good location

If the amount of space available at the property being leased is adequate for your business, this makes a good leasing opportunity. Additionally, if you find that the location of the leased property can help generate considerable profits, the leasing opportunity might be good for you.

One such leasing opportunity is Riverbend Gates Plaza in London, Ontario. The plaza has spaces from 1,000 square feet to 27,000 square feet available. The location of the plaza is in one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods of the city of London, Ontario. The site of the plaza is also in one of the highest income areas of the city which makes it a great place to boost your business.

What Makes A Great Leasing Opportunity?

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