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What are Profit of Gas Station Properties in Ontario

What are Profit of Gas Station Properties in Ontario

Gas stations have become one of the most profitable businesses in the United States. Statistics suggest that there are over 100,000 gas stations that are generating more than $400 billion revenue annually. Canada is also doing very well in fuel sales and bringing revenues. Greater Toronto area in most fuel/gas consuming area in Canada. Many investors are considering to buy gas stations across the country due to massive revenues. If you are deciding on purchasing a gas station, there are numerous factors to consider, including – suppliers, siting, clientele, and more. A gas station located in an ideal area receives more clients which will generate a high cash flow. In this article, we discuss the benefits of buying a gas station in Ontario and the list of gas stations for sale in Ontario. Let’s go through it together!

Gas Stations in Ontario are Always in Demand

·       In the United States, gasoline sales are consistently rising. Stats show that these sales have jumped from $380 to $620 million between 2018 and 2019.

·       Since the gasoline prices are regulated by the market, this business is relatively easier to operate than other businesses. Therefore, the management does not have to focus a lot on the fuel sales, leaving adequate time to focus on the growth of the businesses.

·       Gas stations are flexible as you can add more businesses, such as car wash, repair shops, and convenient stores. These new businesses also help in generating more revenue.

·       Whether people use public transport or own a vehicle, everyone needs fuel for their commute. Hence, it is always in demand, making it a secure and profitable business.

·       Working at a gas station does not require any special skills unless there is a repair shop at the station. It means that the owner doesn’t have to spend a lot of money on the labor unlike other businesses.

What are Profit of Gas Station Properties in Ontario

Following are the factors to consider when buying a gas station in Ontario.

·       Location of the gas station

·       The condition of the station and fuel tank

·       The finances of the previous owner

·       The inventory and condition of the convenience store

·       Relevant local laws

·       Required renovations


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What are Profit of Gas Station Properties in Ontario