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What's unique about Canada's real estate market?

What's unique about Canada's real estate market?

Canada’s real estate market is always in the news for one reason or the other. From housing bubbles to low interest rates, and even increased attention following the recent US Presidential Elections, people from all over the world keep a close eye on Canada’s real estate.

Here are some things you should know about the commercial real estate market in Canada.

Contribution to the Canadian Economy

The commercial real estate sector in Canada plays a major role in the Canadian economy. Some notable names in the real estate industry have even gone as far as saying that half of the country’s economic growth is based on real estate related revenues.

Even though prices are constantly rising in areas like British Columbia and Alberta, there is still much growth to be seen in provinces like Ontario and Quebec. Most investors are interested in the Eastern provinces of the country due to rising opportunities and diverse commercial real estate projects.

Additionally, populations in cities like London and Toronto are also constantly rising. Since investors are always looking for places with high populations and disposable income, these cities are becoming great areas for investments.

Importance for Global Investors

Since the Canadian real estate market is so massive, it is obvious that it has its share of importance in the global real estate industry. This means that the Canadian real estate market is not only affected by political and economic situations in other countries, but the Canadian real estate market itself, too, can affect the global real estate industry.

Recently, however, experts are of the opinion that Canada is growing into an investor’s paradise owing to global situations like Brexit and Trump’s presidency. Experts also believe that people will continue to invest in Canada’s real estate market for a number of years since the market is stable when compared to the real estate situation of other countries.

What's unique about Canada's real estate market?

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