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What's new in Riverbend Gates Plaza?

What’s New in Riverbend Gates Plaza?

Riverbend Gates Plaza is an amazing new project in Northwest London, Ontario. The site of the plaza is located at the entrance to the Riverbend Golf Community which is where the name of the plaza has been derived from. The plaza can be used for a number of commercial purposes including starting up branches for financial institutions, coffee shops, restaurants, and also offices, for small businesses. Riverbend Gates Plaza can also be used as a site for pharmacies and other medical assistance facilities to open up a store or franchise.

Find out what else is new about the Riverbend Gates Plaza and what makes this project so unique below.

New Building at an Awesome Location

Location is everything when talking about a commercial project. Riverbend Gates Plaza is located in the fastest growing neighbourhood in London, Ontario. The site for Riverbend Gates Plaza is situated right next to a brand new residential building. The plaza itself, too, is not a renovated or revamped building. Riverbend Gates Plaza has a sparkling new exterior which is bound to attract customers from far and wide!

There’s room for everyone!

Available for leasing, Riverbend Gates Plaza allows occupancy from 2017. With terms available from 5 to 10 years, there is plenty of room for anyone who would like their share in Riverbend Gates Plaza. Available spaces range between 1,000 square feet to 27,000 square feet. What’s more, you ask? The area where Riverbend Gates Plaza is located makes it ideal for a variety of retail and commercial reasons.

The 3.25 acre property has three buildings which face Kains Road. The lease rate, too, is not very high, making Riverbend Gates Plaza an excellent investment.

Additional Facilities

Not only does Riverbend Gates Plaza provide investors with a new building, tons of space, and an amazing location for business, but there are also plenty of other facilities which might sound interesting. Riverbend Gates Plaza comes complete with exterior LED lighting, utility meters and even free pylon signs for up to one year!

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