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Research When Purchasing Your First Home

Step One

Look in the State as well as National Registry for any identified sex criminals in who may be residing in the area of your future locality.

Many a times, this has been a step that most home buyers tend to ignore. This point that is almost not considered is; when would we have some guest or loved on visit? Without a second thought this is the first thought that should come to mind mulling over a home.

It would then be good to conduct a search if there are any sex offenders with a record in the locality. An internet search would lead you to many online databases with the data you require.

Step Two - Demand for the disclosure statement of the seller.

The second important document you should demand to see is the disclosure statement of the seller which could be provided to you by you estate agent or maybe the seller himself. The seller's disclosure that is necessited required by law and fills you in with the following information:

  1. The Title - This tells you about any problems or disputes arising as to ownership. It is also the legal document that puts forth the sellers claim to be sole owners of the land and hence possessing rights of selling the property
  2. The Structure - This would reveal any code violations for whatever reason on the whole property.
  3. The Land - Will tell you if the house is on some fault line, flood prone area or unsteady ground foundation.
  4. The Environment - Have any business establishments in the locality run into rough weather or even some construction sites or homes in general that could affect the environment in any way?
  5. The Homeowners Association - Will disclose if the owner does have any additional liabilities of payments monthly for any homes related services.
  6. The Plumbing - Gives you an idea of the general state and site of the plumbing system
  7. The Appliances - Gives details about the gas, electricity supply and functioning of all appliances incorporated in the sale.
  8. The air conditioners and Heating systems - You would get an insight as to what problems can crop up in any of these key home systems.
  9. The Miscellaneous - This reveals generally any other issues like a problem with pests, an incomplete construction of some part or even some damage to the roof, etc.

Step Three

Before you decategory_IDe to plunge into buying, it would be advisable to visit the site at least on four occasions. Finalize on your purchase only after you have visited the location on many occasions and at different times of the day and even night. These visits will allow you to get a feel of the locality.

But what exactly do you need?

Before you decategory_IDe to shift in there permanently, you would want to have a look at the property at some unearthly hour. After the initial visit, the next one should be dedicated to checking on the street lights, the traffic flow and importantly characters that look suspicious. Don't forget to visit on a weekend at some time. You will get a chance to nose around and have a few friendly chats with your prospective neighbors.