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Presenting Your Home As a Dream Come True

In order to persuade someone to choose your house over another, you need to make it appeal to them by making them feel that yours is the house of their dreams - that it is everything they ever wanted in a home - from the minute the arrive to the moment they leave. In order for this to happen, you need to present your house appealingly so that is a great value for money to every prospective buyer.

Before you put your house up for sale, you must decategory_IDe what you wish to include as a part of the deal. You have to decategory_IDe whether you wish to leave the stove, fridge, dishwasher, drapes, washer, CV AC blinds, light fixtures etc. even though these items are open to negotiation, having a good idea as to what you will include in the price is better. In case there are some fixtures and fittings you do not wish to include in the offer, it is advisable to replace them prior to listing your home.

Preparing your House for Showing

First impressions are imperative with buyers. You must take measures and invest a little in order to give your home an edge over the others so that when the time comes for you to show prospective buyers around the house, they give you a good price when they make the offer. Given here are a few suggestions which well enable you to obtain the top market value along with added interest in your house.

  1. General Maintenance - tighten doorknobs, oil squeaky doors, retouch chipped paint, repair and clean windows, and replace lights which have burned out, fix cracked plaster and leaking taps as well as toilets.
  2. Curb Appeal - trim shrubs and mow the lawn, weed your garden, repair eaves and gutters, touch up the paint on the exterior and clear the driveway of any leaves.
  3. General Tidiness - get your carpets shampooed, clean the tubs, washer and dryer, clean out the stove and fridge as well as the furnace and clean up and freshen the bathrooms.
  4. The Spacious Look - tidy up the hallways and stairs, store away any excess furniture and tidy up your closets and clean the stoves and counters.
  5. The First Impression - you must make sure the doorbell is functional and the door is polished and ensure that the entrance is neat and tidy.
  6. The Buying Atmosphere - turn all the lights on or open the curtains during daytime, do not be present during the showings, light the fireplace, play soft music in the background, do not keep the pets inside and ensure that the house smells pleasant.

    Once you have checked to see that your home is up to these standards, there is nothing you need to worry about. Remember, these little steps that you take will ensure that your property sells soon, and that too at a good price. People are always willing to pay a better price for something that is well presented.