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Liquor Store for Sale in Ontario,

Beer and Liquor


Spirits and wine have always been an essential aspect of any celebration in Canada. This means that it is one of the necessities, and if you plan to buy a liquor store for sale in Ontario, you will never run out of business. It is one of the rewarding careers or businesses if you can crack all the details on soon. 


At Nav Sidhu, we have bought and sold hundreds of liquor stores in Ontario. Even now, we have properties that might turn out into the best investment you have ever made. Most people assume that registering a business with the state is starting a business; there is much more to it. We know the complete process of liquor store transfer, how commissions work, and more. With years of experience, we have jotted down these steps to start your liquor store business quickly. 


Business plan

It is crucial to have a clear plan/path to start and run any business. When you start making plans, you will map out the specifics, enabling you to discover the unknowns. Being in this field for decades, we have made this work simple for you and can make it even simple by handling the complete purchase for you. 


Start-up Cost:

Every business comes with a start-up cost, and this will vary from business to business, and even in the same business may vary based on the location one chooses to set up the store. Additionally, licensing fees, starting inventory, and staffing costs are some expenses you will have to take into account initially. 

Ongoing Expenses:

At least till you break even, most of the earnings you make will go into the cost of restocking the shelves. We always suggest our customers take the digital transformation route when they start the business. An inventory management software will go a long way in keeping up with the stock. The next most significant expense would be the ongoing marketing expenses followed by the annual license renewal. 

Target Market:

It is not a secret that all your customers must be over the age of 19. Decide on the target customers who enjoy beverages and also prefer smaller and local establishments. It is also imperative that proper research is done about the location to understand the potential customers' likes and dislikes before stocking the shelves. It would also pay well to understand the niche likes of the locals and stock it. 



Here are some strategies that you can try your hands on to increase the profit of your business. 

  • Not every marketing activity you do has to be for-profit - Run some generic classes to teach your customers about the products they like. Take a mixology class or arrange a wine tasting expedition for your VIP customers. 
  • Start a club for beer lovers. 
  • Attach a bar or a restaurant to get additional profits from accompanied businesses. This will also help you establish a rapport with your customers as you can interact with them more. 
  • Promote new products that you think might have potential by giving out samplers. This will encourage them to try something new that otherwise, they will not. 


Name of the business:

Though we are mentioning it here, at last, choosing the right name is critical. Brainstorm and come up with a name that will be easy to remember, unique, and at the same time to your liking. And it is also a good idea to check domain name availability for the name if you plan to expand and start more branches. 


As one of the most reputable property brokers, we know how the Property sale has to be handled, taking into account all the legal aspects while keeping in mind you don't shell out much money. We can help you take ownership/ transfer your business to a potential buyer smoothly. 

Liquor Store for Sale in Ontario,