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Inspecting The Inside Before You Buy A House

Inspecting The Inside Before You Buy A House

Before you start buying the house, there are a lot of things you need to consider. There are a lot of frauds and cheatings that may happen if you don’t research well on the homes. So, make a list of questions that you may want to ask or confirm before you make the deal. You just have to do some enquiry yourself at the place where you are thinking to buy and go to the seller. Some of the basic questions include

  • When was the property actually bought?
  • When was the house put on the market for selling exactly?
  • Why is the house being sold? What is the prime reason?
  • Do you have some other house on hold?
  • When is the exact time you are going to shift to a new place?
  • What are all the renovations and repairs made to the house after buying it?
  • Was the work done by yourself? Or you had some contractor to do it for you?
  • Do you have the contact details of the contractor who worked on your house?
  • Did the contractor give any guarantee for the work he did? If so, for how much time?
  • Do you have the right permit to do the work from town?
  • Have you ever tried to claim for insurance for any kind of damage to the house?
  • If there occurred any damage to the house, where did that happen? And how was it repaired?

    Now let’s see some of the details about the places that need to be repaired before getting into the house. When you consider the floors, following things need to be seen.

  • Age of the floors
  • Monitoring the gaps between the boards
  • Checking the condition of the split boards
  • Checking if the tiles have any form of a crack or something

    These are some of the checks you need to do in the bathrooms.

  • You need to do a perfect check around the areas of commode and also at the shower for smooth and spongy flooring.
  • Just try flushing the commode in order to check for the pressure
  • Its better to open the tank cover and check if the value used is old or new.
  • Check for any occurrence of leaks near the places of the base of the bowl.
  • You can also check the water connections if they are aged and also for corroded parts. Yet another important section is that of the heating and cooling systems which serve you for different purposes throughout the day.

    Some of the checks that need to be done are as follows.

  • You need to check all the switches if they work properly
  • Check the lights if they flicker. This may lead to sudden failure due to several circuits in the fuses.
  • Are there ceiling fans?
  • Is there any noise when you use the switches?

    These are some of the checks you need to do in the kitchen.

  • Inspecting The Inside Before You Buy A House

  • Are all the appliances working perfectly without any damage?
  • Do they require any kind of servicing?
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