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Industrial Properties with Outside Storage

Industrial Properties with Outside Storage

We live in an era where our expenses are on the rise; the stock market is not dependable, we continuously find our capital depleting. To add to all of this, banks don't pay enough interest-rate making traditional investments and hazy. Prices of all goods and services are also always hiking, resulting in the real estate pricing hitting high after high. The only good news is, if you are a serious investor, this is a fantastic opportunity to invest in commercial properties. 


Most people take the risk of investing in a commercial property that looks very pretty. However, there is still reluctance among the investors to venturing into a property with a rusty old warehouse. With the labour cost increasing, most of the companies have taken the route of importing. More prominent brands have started owning factories in countries where the labour cost is less, which has increased the import volume making warehouses or outside storage units a hot selling property these days in Brampton, Caledon, and Oakville. 


Buying industrial property with outsides storage has opened up new and great opportunities for serious investors in Ontario. Most commercial properties have always been a lucrative investment. But what is generic in this scenario is that investors opt for the pretty over the rusty. Not many would be interested in investing in old properties, which can be converted into the best investment with minimal investment into the renovation. 


In Ontario, the construction of new outdoor storage facilities is very minimal, making the idea of investing in industrial property with outside storage a good investment. At Nav Sidhu, we have sold hundreds of commercial properties ranging from gas stations to industrial land, making us one of the pioneers in real estate brokerage. Based on our experience, we have listed down the features you might have to consider before investing in a Property



Industrial Properties with Outside Storage

Storage unit height: The storage unit's height is one of the most important aspects because you need enough height to store and stack cartons. Make sure you get the exact height, which is the distance between the ceiling and the floor. 


Dock for loading: Industrial land for sale with a storage facility should have enough space for a loading dock.


Office space: See if you can dedicate an office space between 5 to 10% of the total area. 


Location: Like every other property, location plays one of the most critical roles in buying an industrial property with an outside storage facility. It is always a good idea to buy close to ports, expressways, or even cargo docks. However, remember that facilities around these areas might be expensive than those far away from any ports. 

Visit our site to see the listings we have made in Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, and Caledon, and we are sure you'd find not just one but many properties that match your liking. 

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Industrial Properties with Outside Storage