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Industrial building for sale | Navsidhu

Industrial building for sale | Navsidhu

Industrial building for saleDue to the pandemic, almost all countries' economies have shaken up, and land or real estate investment feels like a risky business. But, we at Nav Sidhu can assure you that you get the best property that lies within your budget. We will guide you and be with you throughout the process, from finding the location until the property is in your hands. 


Industrial building for sale, In Ontario 

Industrial property is a profitable asset to invest in. Even during the pandemic, the prices of industrial properties have remained intact. Industrial properties are mainly used for manufacturing, warehouse and distribution functions, flex lands, or building a factory or plant. 

Industrial properties with outdoor storage have recently opened up for sale in Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, Oakville, and some parts of Ontario, and all of them are listed with us. With our vast network, if there is a property available for sale, you can rest assured that it is listed with us. 

Before buying industrial property, you have to look into several factors, namely.

Environmental factors

  • Location
  • Legal record
  • Matches the needs of the investor

Firstly, in environmental factors, you should do a pollution test, soil test, and water test to ensure that no toxic chemicals are found in the land. The property's location should have road access to ensure easy transportation, and the characteristics of the place must coincide with the needs of the investor. As industrial properties are redundant, the investor should have a clear idea of the type of property he needs.


Legal work is essential in the purchase of the industrial building for sale. Checking the past legal records of the properties is highly recommended as this will give the investor a clear insight into the land's legal requirements. Laws on the intellectual and industrial property must be strictly followed for socio-economic reasons and peace of mind. Approval from the Industrial Development Corporation is mandatory. Leasehold is another major factor in buying industrial property. IP's typically have long-lease periods like a 99-year leasehold. Even the least will be for five years, which will be a plus to the industry, even if it is a bit rocky for the first couple of years. The investor can choose the type of lease he prefers. Tenants must pay all the arising taxes such as council rate, water rate, management tax, insurance, property, and land tax along with the rent. 

Outdoor storage is classified as an industrial service facility. This has a much lesser floor area ratio and demands separate rent from the original property. Investors know that the building's value lies not only in it but also on the outside storage property. Outdoor storage can act as anything according to the investor's needs. For example, it can be used as warehouses, parking lots, truck depots, storage for pieces of equipment etc. 

At NavSidhu , a professional will talk you through all the tasks to get you the land you wish for. The paperwork, legal requirements, and tests that the property requires will be handled explicitly by us. Getting a property is a tiring task, but we'll make it hassle-free for you. 

Industrial building for sale | Navsidhu