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How can Riverbend Gates Plaza help your business?

Boost Your Business at Riverbend Gates Plaza

Being the fifteenth largest city of Canada, there is always a way to promote your business by making a great investment in London, Ontario. Riverbend Gates Plaza is the latest new opportunity in the city for you to boost your business. Not only is the site of Riverbend Gates Plaza located at the heart of one of the fastest growing communities in the city, but the average annual income of families in the area is also up to 48% more than the average income in the rest of London.

Find out how Riverbend Gates Plaza is the best place for you to boost your business.

Ideal Location

A high income area with plenty of attractions in the vicinity—what else could you possibly ask for? Your business is bound to get all of the customers you anticipated for profits—and more—if you invest in Riverbend Gates Plaza. The site has three buildings which face Kains Road and can be used for anything from restaurants, to coffee shops and even personal offices!

The site of Riverbend Gates Plaza is also located in the fastest growing area of London which has seen 75% of the city’s growth since 2006.

Options for the promotion of your business

At Riverbend Gates Plaza, we understand what your business means to you. After municipal approval, tenants can not only avail the benefits of an exterior façade at Riverbend Gates Plaza but they are also able to boost their business using pylon signs. What’s even better is that you won’t be charged for these signs for one whole year!

Perfect audience for your business

Budwesier Gardens in London, Ontario, attracts tourists from all over the world. The sports-entertainment centre has been listed as one of the top arena venues in the world. Thus, if you promote your business in the 3.25 acre property of Riverbend Gates Plaza, it is bound to get noticed by people from across the world.

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