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Gas Station for Sale with Automotive Garage

Gas Station for Sale in Ontario with Automotive Garage


Most people who want to start a gas station business also look at adding additional facilities to attract customers. Though the gas station's income is stable since the profit margin depends on the crude oil price, it is not very high. To compensate for the thin profit margin, it is ideal for including an amenity in the gas station. 


If you are looking to go into the gas station business, we suggest you look to buy a gas station for sale with an automotive garage. Starting an auto repair garage is by itself is a complicated process. It makes sense to buy something readily available along with your gas station. It also helps because the already existing set up will come with some old customers. Further, you should also have a bit of marketing and advertising knowledge and be conscious of its cost; you can be sure this will be a success. 


Based on our years of experience, here are a few points you should keep in mind while buying a gas station for sale with an automotive garage


  • Location: look for gas stations for sale with automotive garage alongside the highways or in critical areas inside the city to drive heavy traffic. This should be an ideal spot both for your gasoline and garage business. 
  • Employees: Unlike gas stations employees who don't have to be necessarily skilled laborers, automotive garage need mechanics. The key to getting good employees is to strike a sufficient balance between the money and the experience. And also, look at hiring apprentices who can be paid much less than an experienced employee. Studies show that apprentices usually stay with the trainer for an extended period than experienced employees. This practice could also help you train people and hold them for the long term and establish loyalty. Of course, you would still need an experienced person to manage the complete garage unless you are a mechanic yourself.
  • Marketing: There is only so much the location or employees can do to bring repeat business. Plan a fantastic advertising strategy and follow through and fulfil the promises that have been made to the customers, so they keep coming back to you. You can also look at advertising online, especially if you have a website. One of the promotional plans that work well for gas stations with a garage is guarantees. When you give a guarantee, you give your customers a reason to trust you. Trust builds loyalty, and loyalty means more business from repeat customers. Loyal customers are the ones that go and talk good things about you and freely promote your gas station business along with the garage. This is the best advertising you can get. 


You can contact us for more tips and advice on buying gas stations available for sale with the automotive garage. We have hundreds of customers for whom we have broker deals, and they can stand testimony to the kind of service we offer at Nav Sidhu.