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Gas Station for Sale in Oshawa and business for sale ontario

Gas Station for Sale in Oshawa and business for sale ontario


There is a solid reason why Nav Sidhu has been one of the front runners in gas station brokerages in Canada. For as long as we have functioned, we have been putting our customers at the forefront. We have been maintaining a great relationship with our buyers and sellers even after the transaction. We can confidently say that you will not find a full-service gas station brokerage firm in Canada that has been selling hundreds of them in the country. 


Are you looking to buy a gas station in Oshawa? We are there to serve you. We can assure you that there won't be any compromise of the quality of the service we offer. With so many years into this business comes the vast network you can derive from buying a gas station for sale in Oshawa.


Running a gas station is one of the lucrative and risk-free businesses that exist. However, you should find one in the right locality/area to see good returns. Apart from the locality there are certain other factors that you should consider before finalising the deal. The most important one is the condition of the gas station. Is it up for renovation anytime soon? Is the building fine? What is the condition of the fuel tanks and if there are other amenities, how are they managed? You should also talk to the current owner and understand if there are any trends in the business.  If the gas station comes with a convenient store it also makes sense to talk to the current vendor and see how things are handled. Employees play an important role in success of any business. So, while buying a property, it mandatory to talk to few of the current employees and understand if they would be continuing to work under the new management. If not, you will have to start making plans on how to find people ready to work in the gas station from the close by locality.


The amount you would be investing would be significant, so it is not an option to make a mistake. There are hundreds of them on sale now in the city, and we can provide you with a gas station for sale in Oshawa that would match your requirements and more. We will understand your needs clearly and match them with the existing properties for sale. If you are not satisfied with what is readily available, we will scout and find the one you like. We won't stop until you are happy with the choice. We at Nav Sidhu can guarantee you this because the customers we have garnered over these years will stand testimony to my promise. 


We have been the top broker for gas station sales in Oshawa for years taking through the recessions and even now during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We have you covered. All you need to do is call us, and we will provide you with a consultation to buy a gas station not just in Oshawa but any city you name in the state.